Millie Achaa

Head of Design Management

+44 (0)300 373 1282
Millie  Achaa

As a qualified Architect, Millie applies years of experience working alongside high-profile Architects, Project Managers and Clients to enhance delivery and outcomes on a wide range of projects in the UK and internationally.

Heading up Design Management, Millie’s positive leadership style is defined by calm, open and direct dialogue with shrewd decision-making skills and consistent critical understanding. She has an astute awareness of both the design and business drivers for her projects, working across many sectors such as Commercial, Civic, Life Sciences, Aviation, Advanced Technologies, Residential and Defence

Millie bridges the gap between design thinking and Project Management by identifying and filling scope gaps, clearly articulating the brief and basis of design.

Millie reviews contracts and appointments, tender levelling, establishing project timelines and programme benchmarking across all RIBA work stages, diligently communicating this to the whole project team.

Millie believes in an open and honest approach to management, fostering a sense of belonging and achievement for the whole team.