West End Gate


Berkeley Homes/St Edward

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The Brief

Berkeley’s obtained planning permission for 691 units with their concept architect. Design Delivery Unit were appointed to shadow the concept Architect from RIBA stage 2, optimise the planning permission and deliver the scheme, whilst safeguarding the original design concept.

Added Value

At the client’s request, Design Delivery Unit managed to coordinate a change to the duplex units, making them into single level apartments at the upper levels of the Mansion Block, while minimising changes to the façade and coordinated services.

We redesigned the tower entrance, replacing the internal entrance parking drop-off zone with a luxury leisure suite and resident facilities at ground and basement levels.

In developing the design, we led the coordination workshops with the project team and nominated sub-contractors. These included running clash detection workshops to ensure the building was fully coordinated and any issues dealt with early.

Technical Challenges

Design Delivery Unit carried out a review of the tower façade design. This led to a change from masonry construction to a prefabricated curtain walling system. Ensuring buildability and speeding up of the delivery programme.

While the various buildings are being delivered in phases, the basement and MEP infrastructure are being delivered at the same time to allow for phased hand-over and occupation.

The mansion block façades have been procured using multiple sub-contractors. This required us to work closely with each sub-contractor and the client during the design development to ensure that the design was coordinated and that the level of detailing set out in the approved design is carried through to the finished product.


691 apartments, 2,650 sq m commercial space, cinema, pool, gym, restaurants, spa
Concept Architect
Squire and Partners (phase 1), Piercy & Company (phase 2)

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