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St William Homes LLP

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The Brief

Design Delivery Unit were appointed to develop the approved planning proposals for a 555-apartment residential scheme through to completion for St William. We have optimised the scheme to ensure we have maximised the sales area and achieved compliant layouts. Modular methods of construction have been incorporated into the design to offer the client flexibility of procurement methods. We continue to work with concept architects RSHP to demonstrate how our proposals maintain the design philosophy.

Added Value

By optimising the cores, floor-to-floor heights and envelope we have increased the net sales area. Together with RSHP we have helped refine the façade to minimise the number of details and utilise off-the-shelf products to achieve a bespoke product.

Technical Challenges

As we have developed proposals for this scheme, we have had to address future trends and concerns in the industry with both warranty and building control bodies. We are helping our client make informed decisions and advising on best practice to future proof the scheme.


56,990 sq m (642,183sq ft)
Concept Architect
Roger Stirk Harbour and Partners (RSHP)

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