Bath Riverside B11, B13, B15


Crest Nicholson

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The Brief

Design Delivery Unit were appointed by Crest Nicholson to optimise the internal apartment layouts and deliver the scheme within a tight time frame, whilst preserving the original design concept.

Added Value

We optimised and rationalised the apartment layouts to improve the efficiency of the internal design and to aide buildability without affecting the external facade. Building B15 was redesigned to allow it to be marketed for PRS. 

We also optimised the undercroft car park that covers three phases of the site, to increase the number of car parking spaces and to rationalise other ancillary accommodation.

Technical Challenges

The client required the buildings to be completed within a short time frame, which resulted in a condensed optimisation and delivery process. 

Overheating of Penthouse apartments in previous phases required a change in strategy in the design and construction of the upper levels.


152 apartments
Concept Architect
Holder Mathias Architects

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