Careers in Construction Workshops at Cubitt Town School

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Design Delivery Unit Project Director Sally Tahmassebi and Associate Ana Salazar teamed up with Chalegrove Properties Limited and Walsh to host a series of workshops with the pupils of Cubitt Town School, encouraging them to explore the possibilities of pursuing a career in construction.

The series started with an interactive presentation in early November, where the team introduced some of Delivery Design Unit’s projects, followed by three workshops where pupils of different age groups were each asked to create a brochure of their own to market one of the schemes.

Feedback has been very positive from both the children and teachers.

“This was the best afternoon ever, and I am not even lying…”

“Will you be coming back to do more workshops with us…”

“It was really fun designing our perfect apartment…I have learnt a lot”

The head teacher said “It is so important to stimulate the idea that children can be whatever they want to be and that they are not necessarily destined to work in a shop or a warehouse, but can use their skills and abilities in other more challenging and productive ways. The children have been talking about the Careers Day over the week, from when we met them last, and have been discussing what they would like to do within the industry”.

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