Building Safety Act: are you ready?

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Six years after Grenfell, the Building Safety Act is changing the way the industry works.

Hear from Director Neal Morgan-Collins and Anna Highfield of the Architects' Journal as they discuss the Building Safety Act and its true impact on architects in a recent article published by Architects' Journal.

Drawing from his experience working on a number of high-rise building (HRB) projects affected by the recent changes, Neal shares how we can approach these moving forward.

"The Building Safety Act presents our profession with a choice. We can either step forward to accept the challenge of regaining our position at the head of the construction industry, to provide strong design leadership that will ensure complex buildings are designed and constructed safely, and that the golden thread of information is maintained. Or we can retreat from this responsibility to focus on concept design where we will be scrapping with non-regulated designers and AI for lower and lower fees. The future is in our hands."

Read the full article here.